Re: R73 in Manual now corrected.

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Dean Davis, my web guru has corrected the value for R73 in the
on the web page. Thanks, Doug
Doug whilst you are arranging with Dean to have the manual updated re
R-73 to 2K7, you might ask him to correct the line immediately above
this to read .... [ ] C-76 0.01 (marked 103) .... NOT 104 ....

Also I noticed there does not seem to be any mention of C-66 the 15
pF Capacitor being fitted anywhere in the manual version that I
downloaded during the Xmas holidays prior to you sending me my kit.
Perhaps you can look into this if I am right.

Otherwise the rest of the manual that I am working off to build the
BITX20A I received from you last week is FB and pretty Bomb Proof and
reads like a dream so far.

Thanks and 73 de Charles G3OTH

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