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Diver Martin <diver.martin@...>

*dingdingding* cool, thank you Mike!  Good to have a more solid source on that.  I've made sure to bookmark the particular link to the full book, and add a copy to my personal library.

I think tonight I'm also going to have to break out my copy of EMIRD, see if I can find anything else in there.

I'm not super-inspired to design my own AGC circuit for this mod, mostly would prefer to use something known / proven to work well :)  Plenty for future reference though...

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 7:48 AM, Michael Hagen <motdog@...> wrote:

Maybe this?

Mike, WA6ISP

On 1/3/2018 2:02 AM, William R Maxwell wrote:

Ah, thankls.

On 3/01/2018 7:14 PM, Alan G4NMA wrote:
'Harris' appears to be Frank W Harris K0IYE.

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