Re: command line based Arduino IDE

Pavel Milanes Costa <pavelmc@...>

Ino project is dead,

Arturo (ano) is an "updated" folk... also dead by now...

I detected that arduino IDE has a command line tool, but that tool is tooooo complicated.

I created a small project I use to ease the use of the arduino IDE command line, only in linux, just for me... but it works...

If you like to take a look it's in GPL3 on github:

I use Geany IDE in linux (it works in Windows two), I'm not a fan of the Arduino IDE as an IDE...

73 Pavel CO7WT.

El 26/12/17 a las 14:40, Arv Evans escribió:
This might interest some...
At present it only works with Linux and OS-X, but maybe later for windows.

Arv  K7HKL

73 CO7WT, Pavel.

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