Re: W0EB's Keying Adapter

Jim Sheldon

You're welcome John, glad it helped at least one user.   BTW, I've abandoned the other 2 sections as even though they help, they keyer code using the ADC on the A6 line just isn't refined enough.  It is very difficult to send good CW with paddles using this so I just implemented the standard 4.7K Pullup to +5 on A6 and added the little 2 MOSFET switch.  This way I can plug in any type key I want, hand, bug or external keyer which I have.  Little piece of perf-board and it fits inside the uBITX hanging right off the key jack.  It draws so little current you can power it off the +5 line from the Raduino if you like but I pulled the +12 right off the on/off switch which is also close in my version of the uBITX.  


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Subject: [BITX20] W0EB's Keying Adapter

I had a problem keying my uBITX. Fine on the first 2 or 3 key strokes
with the straight key, then missed characters. Yesterday I built up Jim's 
Keying Adapter (just one section of 2 mosfets, 2 caps  2 resistors and 
a diode). Now the keying is perfect at any speed. Tnx Jim.
73  John G0UCP

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