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Maybe a separate one apart from the antenna requirements.
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Well 160 will easily be covered but 630M is a much larger task.  The efficiency of a wire that is less than 0.2 wave lengths (close to 400 feet!) on that frequency with a tuner is extremely low (most of the power is radiated by the tuner and feedline).  The best thing to do is put up the longest wire you can (500 feet min) then the tuner might have a chance.



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You can count me in.

A 160M addition would encourage more operators to try this band which is also my favourite.


While at it, would it be possible to include 630M? 

Although I am not sure that the μbitx could be persuaded to tx down there with an additional LPF/BPF it would make more operators try the band.


Couple of quotes from emails.


"I actually changed the lowest frequency to 100000L. I want to see if 2200M will work, also. My antenna will never tune to these frequencies, but I want to see if I can hear anything.... KG5PRT"

"Group, With a filter front end and a small preamp I was able to hear a NDB beacon at 209.00KHz with my Ubitx. the readout read something like 2.09.059...this was a stock UBitx...Hope this helps! Mike WA3O "

So it may be feasible.


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