Re: BITX20 made in brasil...!!

Chris van den Berg

Hi Sandro,
if the mixer works while receiving, it should also work with
You should have added the attenuator resistors otherwise the mixer
do not work.
It can be seen with an osciloscoop: without the attenuator you only
see a lot of LF, with the attenuator (or a RFC coil to ground) you
see HF signal 'trapped' in the LF signal.
Indeed it is a very low level but it works.
Best regards,

--- In BITX20@..., py1pe@a... wrote:
hello friends,

my bitx20 is with problems in the production of DSB (1st
mixer), I
already did of everything and he/she didn't find a way, it exists
but it is
extremely small, there is not apparent cause for the problem
(mysteries of the
I should set up an entire new block.
the receiver works very well.
forced to all that tried me to help!!


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