Re: Tell me your favorite uBitx mods


Dave : 

For CW filtering on my BITX40 I used a SOTABEAMs Laserbeam DSP Audio Filter module and it works brilliantly. 

If you are a hard-core contester then it is no substitute for a real narrow IF filter but then again, if you are a hard-core
contester you are likely using a radio that costs more than $129. For casual CW use, a very good AF filter does wonders. 

These little DSP modules come pre-assembled, are simple to wire up and outperform any analog audio filter I have ever used. 
There are a number of options for the Dual Filter and there is a also one with a variable filter bandwidth as well. 
If you install the optional signal LED, it doubles as a CW tuning indicator (i.e. it blinks in time with the signal when 
it is in the middle of the filter passband). Also the current draw is around 30ma. 

Best of all they start at around $US30 and shipping costs from the UK are very reasonable. 

I picked up a second module that I plan to use on my uBITX. 


Michael VE3WMB 

P.S. Here is a link :

P.P.S. Usual disclaimer applies .. I have no financial interest in SOTABEAMs ... I am just a very satisfied customer. 

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