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Congrats and best of 2018.

You could perhaps tailor the range by chaging the top and bottom resistors of the 10T potentiometer.
Reduce bottom resistor for further downing on lower side or increase to increase low end.

like wise, upper resistor increase causes lowwers the high end freq . and viceversa.


On Tuesday 2 January 2018, 2:07:38 PM IST, Kevin Luxford <kbgluxford@...> wrote:

Building Sunil's kit. VFO completed. Lo freq = 3.957 MHz. Hi freq = 4.477 MHz. Range is a bit wider than I would like.  Will look at ways of restricting the range.  However the FLL makes it absolutely rock steady.  LED extinguishes in less than a second. Wound L4 with a slightly heavier guage wire that solders through the coating.  Had to wind the last few turns back over the earlier ones.  This will probably add a bit of capacitance in parallel to the inductance, but it seems to work OK.  Using RG316 which I have on hand instead of the RG174 supplied because longer interconnections seemed advantageous when testing and fiddling about. On to the next stage!

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