Re: Tell me your favorite uBitx mods

Diver Martin <diver.martin@...>

Not sure how I could do CW filter mods without significant mods.  What I'd like for most of the mods is one-wire in, one wire out.  Narrower CW filtering can be achieved by changing the cap values on the Bitx, so that's not one I'd probably aim for.
When you say clean keying for CW, I assume it's clicky, and has sharp edges?  Could be doable with a keyshaper on the output of the CW Tone.  I'll consider it.
QSK:  Pretty significant modification, one I'm not going to attempt with this pass I think.
Digital mode audio/PTT:  PTT in the works, digital mode would just require isolated transformers, no?
AGC: In the works :)
SWR Gauge:  In the works :)
ATU:  In the works :)
CAT Control:  In the works :)

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 8:14 AM, KD8CGH <rkayakr@...> wrote:
Narrower audio filters for CW
Clean keying for CW
Pop elimination
Digital mode audio interface + PTT
SWR gauge
Auto Tuner
CAT control

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