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I keep trying to retire. I swear the third time must be the charm. I could be good at retirement. 

Ok on hardware, coming back was fun. Software that was 25 to 50 years ago (yes software at hp in 1967), So hope to join the new millennium now. LOL

Dave WI6R

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On Jan 1, 2018, at 11:01 AM, Dexter N Muir <dexy@...> wrote:

Retirement would be good if ...
From age about 6 I knew I'd be involved in Electronics in some form. Here in NZ that calling is treated as a J.O.B. - Just Over Broke. Result: the career (Electronics, later 'and computing' Technician) had a 'use by' date and at 50, having never earned the national 'average' income, I was too old - on the scrap-heap - with 15 years of useful and gainful employment available till 'retirement age'. Now on pension, scraping by with no reserves ...
Your mileage has varied, and I envy you your comfort and productivity ...
73 de ZL2DEX

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