Re: Another opportunity to show my ignorance... Tuning control?

William R Maxwell

That certainly applied to the Raduino used on BITX40 Nigel but the uBITX, which uses a rotary encoder rather than a variable resistor.

Bill, VK7MX

On 1/01/2018 5:52 PM, Nigel wrote:
First up is to wish everyone on this group the very best for 2018!
Next is to also confirm that have received the mass mailing re order acknowledged and now waiting patiently (order placed December 16th).
Now for a question that should be easy to find answer but not yet found so hence this post (and good possibility of again showing my ignorance): I recall (sort of - not 100% certain) that during a video explaining operation of the uBitx that action and verbal description of how tuning implemented shows the control (variable resistor?) being moved to either end of travel (implying a conventional 270 deg movement) and then triggering 'fast tune' (even faster if function button active) and yet when looking at the 'code' there is reference to encoder detection (speed and direction)...
Relevance for wanting to know if tuning action is 'rotary no limit' or 'conventional' (270 deg or perhaps 10T pot) ahead of receiving uBitx is that have an opportunity during upcoming visit to U.K. to obtain suitable knob (with finger depression) as sourcing locally very difficult + expensive.
As an aside the unreliable postal service here is another reason to only use courier services when importing ANYTHING. I digress... now stepping off soap box and looking forward to learning more via this forum.
Many thanks in advance.
Remember to KEEPSMILING and have FUN!
Best regards to all

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