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My current tuner PCB that I use on the 50W amplifier is 2" wide and 4.5" long, 2 sided, 7-inductor, 8-capacitor, including the arduino (leonardo) control circuity (caveat: I have a few components on the backside of the PCB... I aim for single side component on this).  But it should all fit.  The SWR Bridge is on a separate PCB, but consumes all of maybe 1" x 1" with the two FT43-37's, a few diodes, etc.

6" x 5.5" is a heck of a lot of real estate.  When doing AGC, I will have to see what I can do to get an analog signal back to the arduino to create an S-meter reading. 

CAT interface is easy, I'm pulling the USB connector to the edge.  That's a matter of programming, and to my knowledge, is the main limiting factor for most people wanting to do CAT control.  Unsure by soundcard interface, other than adding isolation transformers?  Can you not hook up the audio lines/etc to a computer right now as it is?

Fitting it all isn't an issue.  Fitting it all in cleanly and making good use of the front and back panel space is the hard part, and that's what I haven't decided on yet, is how to do the BNC/etc connectors so that it could easily fit into a case with no protrusions, since some things just take up a lot of real estate (display, the connectors down to the uBitx, the heatsinks for the PA, etc)

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Hmmm....fairly ambitious goals, my friend!   

If you can put a TUNER in that space, you're a wizard.   

For my preferences, any simple vox-type soundcard interface would be nice.     Maybe a mic preamp also / mic gain control of some sort.  

And an AGC circuit...

Having some sort of a power-meter, SWR bridge would eliminate my need to add another one outside (I like watching that)

I think it would be very nice to have an input that could auto-detect if it is 12V or 19-28V and automatically provide 12V for the main board and the higher voltage to the finals.   

I don't know how hard it would be to put a thermo-sensor on the FETs, but that would be a nice addition.   

I'm thinking yet another board (larger) somewhere would be needed for a real tuner able to handle a wide range of impedances....

Of course, these are all "luxury items"

my 2 cents worth!!   

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My concept is to create a 6" x 5.5" PCB.  It would go on top of .5" standoffs on top of the uBitx main PCB.  One would remove the raduino, save the display, discard the nano/raduino (or better, use for a different project), and use the board as I'm creating it instead.  The idea is to create a clean, 2-PCB design, with a tuner, USB connectivity, built in connectors, etc.  It would replace some of the parts that come with the uBitx normally, make the case more compact, and remove the requirements to wire everything into an enclosure, allowing a clean 3D printed setup or however one would like.

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What do you mean by motherboard?
Are you replacing the uBitx main board, for which the Raduino could be called a daughterboard?
Or perhaps you mean the Raduino board, for which the Nano could be called a daughterboard?

On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 06:29 pm, Diver Martin wrote:
As I'm doing a motherboard mod, I'm looking to incorporate a bunch of mods into one PCB.

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Martin Held - AE7EU
If there aren't any questions, then what is there to learn?

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