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Nice PCB layouts!  Digging your projects as pictured on QRZ...  Do you have schematics/etc posted anywhere?  Love seeing other's homebrew stuff.

For now linear SWR-only tuning works, but eventually I should get to phase/magnitude detection.  What's interesting to me when I went and looked at the KX3 is that it doesn't actually have a phase detector that I can tell.  

Bill, now you've gotten me interested in Sabin's book, as if I didn't have enough reading material to begin with :)  I doubt I'll make an update to the amplifier design at this stage since I've gotten it working, but never know.

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My Control board takes a plug IN NANO baord and caters for a few different display type from parallel LCD's to I2C devices. It has provision for LED's to indicate which relay combination of L&C is slectedas it tunes.  Overkill really....... PCB could be made much smaller of course.

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