Re: Tuner? Well Sure!

M Garza <mgarza896@...>

Or provide the latching relays as an option.

Marco - KG5PRT 

On Dec 31, 2017 3:12 PM, "D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN" <kb3mun@...> wrote:
It is a kit, right?

Give me both choices.  That is, sell the kit with the constant current draw relays, but design the board alternately accommodate the latching relay footprint.  Then I as the kit builder can buy the latching relays and fit them if that is my need.  Just don't forget to tell me which relay model you designed the board for.

Daniel KB3MUN

On 12/31/2017 15:44, K9HZ wrote:

<<I'm suspecting that there are far fewer people who want the lowest current drain for battery usage....and far more who would appreciate lower cost and are willing to provide power for relays where needed.....but this is just a guess.   I haven't watched to see what kind of relays are used in the MFJ and LDG products but their gear is commercially successfulll.....just pricey.​   Relays must be cheaper than variable capacitors and servo motors!>>  Well this is my current dilemma.  I can buy good quality relays that will work for this project for $0.39 each (need to be a minimum of 7 amps).  Using 18 of them, I can keep the cost of the kit in the $30-$40 range as originally discussed.  Latching relays of the same specifications are in the $4 each range… making the total cost jump up an ADDITIONAL $65 !!! 


Now my question to the group is this…  would you rather have a very functional tuner but draws additional constant current…. Or a tuner that draws very little current once tuned but is $65 more expensive?  I don’t do too much battery operation myself… but I am sensitive to those who do.  If every relay were engaged (not likely) it would draw 1.2 amps total (60ma each).


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