Re: Looking for NOS or Pull with good leads 130 Ohm 3w

Richard Andrew Knack

I'm building that amp, too. I MIGHT have a spare 3W resistor. Give me a few days to check. I bought mine online but I can't remember exactly where.


On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 8:26 PM, N8DAH
<Dherron@...> wrote:

Hey guys I'm building a WA2EBY amp and want to put the 5W pad on it for 5w drive to 1w but am missing one part....

130 Ohm carbon comp 3w resistor

 Any help would be great ....I am happy to pay for shipping and the part....I have looked everywhere all I can find is 3x 390 Ohm 1w but I don't think I can get them to fit.....






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