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I actually have the schematics for one that I was going to do as a motherboard, replacing the raduino with an arduino, allow for easy migration to a AD9850-DDS module(s), etc, but I haven't pursued it much as my idea is to have a motherboard that would plug in about .55" above the main board (.5 + some tolerance clearance to the inductors).  The bare PCB at 6"x6" is about ~$8.5 from china in qty 10, no clue about the parts, but it would clean up all the external connections - BNC, audio/etc, and allow for pin expansion/etc.  To do all this I would need the board pin locations of the headers on the main PCB.  Haven't gotten that far yet, and if I'm gonna build a prototype, I want the best chance of getting it right.  I have the proven schematic and code already for the tuner from my 50W amplifier kit, along with the SWR bridge.  I'd want to add in a spot for AGC modification as well, which is the one other thing I haven't defined yet.

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If you guys can come up with something that works, it might provide a chance for Asher to provide employment for many many more people.

Remember the most recent MFJ products measure impedance and use smith chart type calculations to predict the solution in jump to it quicker.   

But that is not at all beyond the capabilities of many on this forum.

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I have been wondering about an internal tuner for my uBitx and/or my BITX40’s. This sounds great please count me in on one.. love to see enough inductance to work on 160m also maybe a mod a future design.

thanks Bill ng1p

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