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I'm not looking really for the mounting hole distances, I'm looking for the relative positions of the headers from the mounting holes so that I can create a motherboard that plugs in and replaces the raduino/etc.  I could use just an xcellon drill file from manufacturing without the gerber files, but eh.  Until I can get something like that, the projects on hold anyway for more defined projects like my amplifier.

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I understand Ashar's reasons for not including the board drawings etc, as these have been misused by commercial entities in the past.
But Dimensions of the Mounting holes etc. would be helpful , especially for those of us waiting to receive the actual board. 
My measurements from the photographs of the uBitx boards put the mounting holes 7/32" in from the edges, or 5.0625" and 5.5625" between hole centers.
It would be nice to know the exact dimensions, but I am quite sure this will be close enough so I am going to begin on fabricating an enclosure.

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