Re: PCB Parts Layout


I'm sorry, but muy rig doesn't have RIT, although I hope soon to
have it. However you can try some configurations. I remember one
with suming AO. You can take it from here:

Sorry also for my bad english :-(

I have mounted a BITX15 in order to use it in 15m because I
am "licensed C" in Spain and it work very well. I use FI of 10MHz
and one external oscillator VXO to 31MHz. I have not mounted yet the
power amplifier.

However, the reception is a little weak and I added an cascode
amplifier with two transistors and a coil in the FI. How it change!!
Now I have the problem of excessive gain in some cases and I am
working in an AGC.

For the oscillator I am triying a VCO of 10 to 40MHz controlled by
PLL 145170 and when it work I will control everything with a
PIC16F84 with LCD and codec. Here some info:

I have put the diagram only for others have it like reference.
I want to prepare a PCB more ambitious, with multiband change, CW,
AGC, PLL and AM/ FM.

As I have each part working I will put the schematic.
I am not much spare time. :-(

The BITX can work to 144MHz?? I hope so.


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