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I believe the new uBitx can be an optimal transceiver for moderate power automatic Link establishment (ALE) and could also become part of a WINLINK RMS server station. The big advantage of the new ubitx is that it does not need to "click relays" to change receive frequencies, because of its high intermediate frequency and up-conversion of the entire HF band.

Last night I succeeded at getting older Icom725 running on PC – ALE. Slowing the (scanning) frequency transition to one per second helped. (Hint: use the transceiver control settings "Icom Icom "--The specific setting ICOM 725 did not work.)

Clicking relays once per second just can't be good for the life of a transceiver.

I believe I could easily arrange a sketch where in ALE usage, the uBitX would not click the relays until it actually needed to perform a "sounding" (apparently once per hour ) or respond to a call request.

Since ALE allows for frequency shifts of up to five times per second, the uBitX has a distinct advantage. wINLINK servers only change frequencies every 3 to 6 seconds, so the Relay wear isn't quite as bad, but still a uBitx could be used for the receiver portion, with a bit of software somewhere to drive an external powerful transmitter to the correct frequency only when a contact has to be responded to. I'm not certain, but receiver automatic gain control might be an improvement for this application. Of course, the uBitX with it's 10+ watt output could serve as a WINLINK server all by itself, or With a small amplifier would be wonderful setup.

In order to start trying automatic link establishment ,you join their group on Yahoo, download the software, watch a video or two for hints and turn the system on. Requires only a sound card interface.

Google hflink.

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