Re: UbitX AM


On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 11:34 am, Peter Parker wrote:

If anyone is interested in going the homebrew AM route, I built a 160m AM superhet receiver using the exact same stage and parts line-up Peter recommends: 

I added an AM/CW 30 watt transmitter:  

The 160m AM receiver works well and alignment was a breeze.  The MK484 is a good AM detector. 

I recently tried a 40m version (same stages and parts). It needed more IF selectivity. I ordered a 455kHz ceramic 6khz filter from Minikits, just haven't soldered it in yet.  It should also work fine.  There's a bunch of AM guys on 7190kHz in VK east coast, so there are some active AM stations to listen to.

I agree with VK3YE, I wouldn't bother modding the uBitx for AM. Although f's suggestion of a NE602 synchronous AM detector does sound intriguing.  But it all adds parts and complexity.  

Paul VK3HN. 

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