Re: My µBITX in its new home

Terence Taylor

I use MG Chemicals "Total Ground", which is a spray on (or brush on) Carbon Conductive Coating for the inside if non-metallic boxes.

On 12/27/2017 3:16 PM, Tim McDonough N9PUZ wrote:
I've been looking at that Banggood case as well. On some guitar related projects I have used the copper tape and conductive paint shown here. Yes, the paint is pricey. However, you could most likely use the smaller can for dozens of projects.



On 12/27/2017 4:24 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
A fine looking job,  that. I'll be housing mine in the same Banggood case and think I'll stick metal foil on all panels for shielding. With the sections electrically bonded it should do as well as a metal case.

Paul ZS2OE

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