Re: #ubitx Re: Ubitx only on preorder now #ubitx

philip yates

Mine is still marked as sent India Post 12th Dec, tracking info say's Mumbai Air 15th Dec, and thats it.
Bet its found its way to work, almost feel like going and letting myself in, just in case.
But better not as the boss will not like it.

Phil - G7BZD

On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 10:07 AM, <mike@...> wrote:
I ordered on 11th Dec at 15:18 GMT with regular India Post

The uBitx was shipped today 28th Dec at 5:42 GMT

As far as I am aware the 11th (or maybe 12th ?) were the last dates you could order and receive from the 1st batch. I do not know when the 2nd batch will be shipped (maybe they have started already?)


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