Implemented the CAT protocol in uBITX (Compatible with FT-817, FT-857)

Ian Lee

A few days ago uBITX was shipped and assembled uBITX kits.
I was impressed by the very simple circuit and source code.
As a longtime firmware developer, I was able to add features for the first time but not too hard.

1.Compatible with FT-857 and FT-817 protocols for compatibility with various programs.
2.Modified and Bugs fixes for Arduino FT-857 Library
   Frequency Length Error, Error that PTT does not work... etc
   ESpeceially,  PTT control by CAT Protocol was most needed for digital communication such as FT8 or JT65, but the existing library did not work.
   Many codes on the Internet, including the FT-857 library, have common errors.
   I was able to fix the error through the hamlib source.

3.changed the FT-857 library to uBITX only.
   Optimized for uBITX.

4.FT-817 protocols were built into the library.

5.Like the FT-817, you can change the settings of the transceiver through the CAT program.
  CW Delay Time, CW Speed, CW Pitch, CW Side tone...

6.vfoA / vfoB Change function

You can see the function with Ham Radio Deluxe in the above videos, video include basic cat communications, Get and Set Frequency,
Change to vfoA / vfoB, PTT Control, Save Configurations...
If you have a feature that you would like to add to the video, please tell me.

i will confirm and distribute compatibility with program stabilization and programs for digital communication (as wjstx and jt65-HF)
I will release the firmware upgrade program and the program within one week. I want to develop together.

Best 73
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