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John McFadden <johnamcf@...>

Or go with a metal military ammo can for really rugged construction. The lid even easily detaches, just open and slide sideways until the hinge pins disengage, so it wouldn't be awkward for shack use like some other designs. Use a sheet of 1/8" ABS from Amazon and some brackets to create the face plate.

There are several sizes available, depending on what you want, these should be approximately the right internal dimensions for the three main US/NATO sizes on the market:

30caliber/7.62mm: 7x3.5x10"

50caliber: 11x5.5x7"

"Fat 50caliber" aka "SAW": 11.75x6.75x8.375"

Harbor Freight has the 50caliber size for $16, you can find 30caliber cans at most gun stores or I've even seen them at Costco occasionally sold in a two-pack with a 50cal can. SAW cans are usually an online-only item.

I'm going to use the small Harbor Freight Pelican-knock-off case, and in the future put a Raspberry Pi in a second one for running a band scope/logbook/etc so I can dial my kit up or down depending on weight and power.


On 12/26/2017 10:48 AM, Michael Hagen wrote:

And there is the Plastic Ammo Can on sale at Harbor Freight for $3.99.  It would make a nice waterproof (resistant) enclosure.

And not heavy?   Might be big enough for so Li Batteries too?

Mike, WA6ISP

On 12/23/2017 5:26 PM, John AE5X wrote:
Yes it does - just ordered one myself.

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