Re: CAT control of the bitx frequency


Although a bit more complex in the short term, but providing more long-term options as uBitx evolves is to build an extensible unique uBitx command structure and library. Primary layer is this native library and then we add a mapping layer to translate the basic commands of another rig to allow current software to talk with uBitx.

I have already been thinking of sometime in the future adding a Bluetooth arduino to the box to enable control via a mobile device. Maybe there will be a uBitx amplifier that our native commands can control, or commands we can chain together to create a script the radio can run - automatic beacon ops. We are at the start, my instincts tell me we should architect for options rather than lock into a limited command set for near-term needs.

Sorry, I forgot, My thoughts are we do this protocol by adding a second arduino to box. This would contain the native library and functions and the OEM rig emulator/interpreter.


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