Final 3D printed case design

Diver Martin <diver.martin@...>

Had to iterate over a few revisions, but here we go. I'm gonna be lazy about it and not change the locations of the 3.5mm audio jacks, but I will likely get some different audio jacks as well because the ones provided don't fit through the 1/8" thick case.  The additional hardware that one would need for this case are 2" standoffs (M4 or 4-40), rubber feet, and a piece of plexiglass for the lid.

Major changes from 0.4 (this picture) to 0.5 (what will be my final print hopefully) is moving the power jack to the other side of the heatsink openings, schooching the BNC over a quarter inch, reducing the inner margin, and lowering the encoder height, and raising the overall build height to accomodate 2" standoffs that I have.

In PLA, this took about 12 hours to print on 2 IIIP printers (~6 hours per quarter section).

Time for my final print in ABS!

Martin Held - AE7EU
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