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David Lacey

I`ll take a google around and see if I can find one. Thanks for the info Mike, I`m thinking they could
be useful!

On 22/12/2017 16:25, Michael Hagen wrote:

You can buy the wattmeter IC on eBAY or buy the whole board.  I don't remember, AD?

I think I got the IC for about $1.   I got it to track fairly well from 0 to -40 dBm.

I was using an HP function generator at 10 MHz.   Nice, you can dial in dBm directly.

You would have to make a pi or t pad in front of them.  Reduce the power.

I used the Arduino to read them.

The info is on the net.  Search eBay too.


Mike, WA6ISP

On 12/22/2017 8:12 AM, David Lacey via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Jack
Very interested in the Wattmeter side of this project, do you have further information circuit diagram etc
on this item or maybe available as a kit??

On 22/12/2017 16:04, Jack Purdum via Groups.Io wrote:

Or, how about 150W DL with builtin wattmeter for under $20? This was a build our group did a couple of months ago. The lid is shown here. The resistor network sits in a mineral oil bath. The downside is that this is considerably larger than yours and a little more expensive.

Jack, W8TEE

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