Re: Help! I think I may have just ruined my 9 year old's Chanukah

David Lacey

Don`t go to all the hasle of rewinding the coil, carfully separate the turns (usually spaced anyway) and
paint on some clear nail varnish or similar and let it dry, then re-insert in the board.

On 22/12/2017 15:04, tausciam@... wrote:
I hadn't thought about that. We do it on 2 meters though ha

It's looking like the side of the toroid is grounded together at the bandpass. I'll have to take it out of the case to get a better look. I have about a foot of magnet wire so I can rewrap the toroid if I need to, but it looks like the strands may be touching on the side. That's what was wrong with the first coil.

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