3D printed uBitx case

Diver Martin <diver.martin@...>

Not sure if anyone has 3d printed a uBitx case yet or not... I really didn't like the idea of assembling into a pre-fabbed case, so I designed my own real fast in openScad before realizing my printer won't print something this big.  Either way, in case it's useful, I'm attaching a file and a preview.  I haven't tested this yet, but have been using my calipers and will try printing it out as front and rear panels only maybe.  I designed it originally with the idea that one would use a piece of plexiglass as the lid, screwed down onto 1.5" or so standoffs.

So here's version 0.1.  Enjoy.

Martin Held - AE7EU
If there aren't any questions, then what is there to learn?

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