Re: BITX20 made in brasil...!!

Chris van den Berg

chris, in the exit of the 2n2218 (driver, correct?) is it that you
have 150mw?

Yes, I have. By the way, the transistor I use is a 2N2219 but this
makes no difference.

and in his entrance?
I will check this again. I remember that it was very little, I
remember I was suprised about the gain of the 2N2219 stage. May be I
posted it in an older message.

Are 150mw enough for exciting the irf510, to 6watts????
The IRF510 is driven by voltage. I did not make the final amp yet so
I do not know.

The voltage output of the first mixer will be measure again by me
also, I remember that almost no power output was reached at that
point. The output power (over 50 ohms) of the oscillator is about 3
mw, with a expected conversion loss of about 7 dB (likely more), the
output on the potmeter will be about 0.6 mw.

Best regards,

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