Re: Recycled case for uBitx

Bert N8NN

A perfect solution for a BitX case.  Check out the flea markets for old CB transceivers with front-firing speakers.  They make great BitX cases and have some retro styling that adds interest!

Bert N8NN

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Sent: Dec 16, 2017 11:19 PM
Subject: [BITX20] Recycled case for uBitx

Many years ago I talked my Junior High shop teacher into letting me build a Heathkit Tower (aka Benton Harbor Lunchbox) in place of his lame project. It was a nice little rog for the time. Over the decades the Tower and the popularity of 2 meter AM disappeared. Last year I picked up a dead Lunchbox to recycle into a new project.
I removed the chassis, thoroughly cleaned the case, replaced the speaker and installed the uBitx. I still need smaller washers for the panel mounts, to fit knobs and install indicator leds. I also plan to add an audio filter to use in CW mode.

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