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Jack Purdum

The PCB is a replacement for the Raduino board and uses a TFT color display and an AD9850 Type II DDS for the VFO:

Inline image
It also assumes the BITX40 CW mod, and provides for 3 external "message switches" that allow you to send stored messages from a list of up to 50 messages (useful during CW contests). The board is designed to work with mcufriend displays ranging from 2.4" to 3.5". The code also provides for an off-board RTC, too. The PCB only sells for $8, including domestic shipping. The assembly manual is available in the Files section.

Note: Al Peter (AC8GY) and I are redoing the board for the µBITX. It's still being designed but we're pretty sure we will use the Si5351 and either the Teensy 3.6 (Arduino compatible) or the ESP32. The screen will likely be a 5" color touch screen and we will likely bring the pins out to headers for experimenting. The additional resources and enhanced computing power brings a lot of computationally-intensive options into play. Since Ashhar has made the rig multiband, the screen info will be expanded from what's shown above. We are making concerted efforts to keep the price of the board down while maintaining its high quality. As always, the code will be Open Source. Al's just moved into a new home and the Holidays have slowed us down. It's too early to say when we will be ready for Beta testing.

Jack, W8TEE

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