Re: Any problem to have 2 sources powering the Raduino??

Jerry Gaffke

You are correct, there is an LM1117 5v regulator between the Vin pin (Nano pin 15) and the Nano's 5v ral.
However, in my defense, the Raduino does not tie anything to pin 15, so this regulator is not used 
and should have no effect on what's going on with the Raduino.

Jerry KE7ER

On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 11:29 am, Jack Purdum wrote:
Are you sure about this:
First off, there is no 5v regulator on the Nano board.
The specs say it can be powered by:
    1) the USB port
    2) a 6-20V DC source (pin 30)
    3) a regulated 5V source (pin 27).
Jack, W8TEE

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