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Michael Hagen

A New Baby (and Banana) have been Hatched!


Been working on this Big Boy for a month now.  Completely compatible with BitX.  Has the one connector (5Pin) that has +12, Gnd, and Clock for BitX.
Uses Mega 2560 Pro Embed Arduino.

Just like RaduinoX, just connect that one 5 pin Molex to get BitX going.

Full of connectors!!  14 of them.  50 Digital Pins and 16 Analog.

12 Pin Molex have 10 pins for I/O and +5 and Ground.

Like RaduinoX, I2C are level shifted to 3.3 to the SI5351.

Heat Sink on the +5V regulator with diode and filtering.

Double Sided and well laid out with lots of ground plane on bottom.

Mounts standard LCD or 4x20 as shown in the pictures.

It is a compact as I could get it, but may still not fit enclosures already built.

This is Debug board.  A new order of PCBs will arrive next week.

Yes, I am tossing out the first order of PCBs (I screwed up 4 lines).

Mike, WA6ISP

Mike Hagen, WA6ISP
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