Re: BITX20 VFO works; freq coverage question


Just wanted to give a quick update on my progress, maybe it will
help some of be builders. First of all thanks David for the tips.
My air variable capacitor did have a short somewhere close to full
mesh. However even with the short removed the VFO would stop
oscillating close to full mesh (still have not figured out why).
Finally with adding a 100 to 150pf in parallel I was able to get full
mesh oscillations and the freqency span is now close to 300kHz. It is
still oscillating in the 3.3MHz range but then I am going to come
back to it since my Frequency Counter is not yet caliberated.
Completed the BFO last night and it oscillates like a charm. Next
step is to build the RF & IF stages.
I am building the design "stock" (except for the air variable cap)
with parts obtained in the Mumbai retail market, so hope some Indian
builders from this part of the country can benefit from my


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