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I just submitted the same gerber files to PCBWay for a quote and they came back with a price of $115 for the 10 boards.  They said that the files were for nine designs and did not qualify for the $5 price.  Any hints on how to get the lower quote?



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Good afternoon,
I've had a few emails regarding the modular BiTX build and I probably should clarify a few things.  First, ON6RF has posted his gerber files on the link at that I originally posted - just scroll down to around the middle of page to the 'Files' section.  Since he has placed these in the public domain they are available to anyone that cares to download them.  But, because it is HIS work, I'm not comfortable forwarding the files myself.  I don't know if he follows it but I'm sure that he can keep track of how many downloads have occurred and I'm certain he would be gratified to know that his work is appreciated.  What I have offered is to make my gerber file for the motherboard available and, if I can manage it, I will post it here in the files section in the Modular BiTX folder.  I will also include the pdf files that I created for each of the module showing component placement and values.

As for acquiring the circuit boards, as I stated earlier, I use for production.  Their prices are excellent and the turn-around time is hard to beat.  The cost of the panelized pc board for me was $5.00 for 10 boards with DHL shipping costs of $22.00 for a total of $27.00.  I ordered the boards late on a Monday and DHL delivered the finished boards the following Monday morning.  Their website says boards that measure 100X100 mm or smaller cost $5.00 for 10 boards so whether you order 1 or 10, the cost is the same.  To complete the build you will need 3 boards to have enough bi-directional amp modules so, if you're interested in following thru with building a modular version, you could perhaps join with two other interested parties and split the cost between you.  With 3 boards you will be able to build a complete transceiver and have 2 extra modules for experimentation for every section except the bi-directional amps.  As an example, on my first prototype I built the double balanced mixer as designed and a second one using an ADE-1 to compare the results.  For the record, there was absolutely no noticeable difference between the two.  I also built a 4-crystal filter as designed and an 8-crystal QER filter on a second board for comparison.  There was a definite difference between these two modules. 

I hope this clears up some of the questions and I'm still available via direct email to answer questions specific to my build or class presentation.  I'm currently working on the assembly manual for my class and when finished I will post it also in the files section.
--73-- Mike  --  W0MNE

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