Re: More questions

Allard PE1NWL

Here are the two lines (highlighted yellow below) I added to the checkTX routine at line 666 (in v1.25.1) to prevent the carrier burst. Will also be included in v1.26 (to be released soon).

void checkTX() {
  // We don't check for ptt when transmitting cw in semi-QSK mode
  // as long as the TimeOut is non-zero, we will continue to hold the
  // radio in transmit mode
  if (TimeOut > 0 && semiQSK)

  if (digitalRead(PTT_SENSE) && !inTx) {
    // go in transmit mode
    si5351bx_setfreq(2, 0);      // temporarily disable CLK2 to prevent spurious emission (tks Dave M0WID)
    inTx = true;
    RXshift = RIT = RIT_old = 0; // no frequency offset during TX

    if (semiQSK) {
      mode = mode & B11111101; // leave CW mode, return to SSB mode

      if (!vfoActive) { // if VFO A is active
        mode_A = mode;
        EEPROM.put(24, mode_A);
      else { // if VFO B is active
        mode_B = mode;
        EEPROM.put(25, mode_B);
    delay(75);                   // wait till RX-TX burst is over
    setFrequency(frequency);     // enable CLK2 again

73 Allard PE1NWL

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