Re: ubitx - stop press


I'd appreciate a functional description of the blocks as I'd like to introduce custom upgrades if I may.
I have the instrumentation to help with the project, Rigol DSA & TG, 8753D VNA, Tektronix Calibration gear for amplitude, 3 channel variable linear PSU, Agilent NF analyzer and noise source, Agilent F. counter, Rubidium reference, DSOs (4) , Sig gens - HP4432B  Digital, 6 1/2 digit DMMs, LCR meters, micro wattmeter (Boonton 4510), precision RF 50Ω loads, precision attenuators. Bird 43 with H band slug, 50W.   All instrumentation gear good to 3Ghz or better.
AncelB, MIT EE6002

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