Re: 3d printers

DuWayne Schmidlkofer

I have spent countless hours down in my shop making chassis, boxes, and all sorts of housing for my projects over the years.  I have just about everything I could need to cut, drill, bend, machine, and weld any type of housing I want.  I  have even cast my own parts in aluminum for some projects.  Since I got a 3D printer and learned the design software to go with it, I really don't want to go back.  Now I can design a complete package for my projects that include things like mounting posts for circuit boards,  display bezels, all the holes for controls and switches.  Before, if I needed to make a change in a project case, it was back to the shop  for possibly hours to drill or whatever it took to modify what I had already done, or worse start over.  Now it is usually a matter of a few minutes making the change on the computer and sending that file to the printer that sits next to my desk.  A couple hours later it is ready to be taken out of the printer and assembled.  Even if I have to make changes and print several trial pieces, the cost of materials is usually less than $0.50 in materials for most of my projects.  I also have designed several corner pieces that I print in various lengths for use with PCB material if I need to make a larger box. No more trying to get corners to line up nice a square when you solder them together.  I attached a picture of a case I printed today for one of my ongoing projects.  It has built in PCB mounting posts, a bezel for the display,  holes for the controls, RF connectors , and switches.  And if I want another one I just send the file to the printer and print as many as I need.

73's DuWayne KV4QB

From: Lawrence Galea
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 15:45:51 EDT

Hi John
Guess nowadays more people want to have everything as easy as possible.
Seems that gone are the days of making an aluminium chassis, drilling all the holes for valve holders, front panel, case etc. 
PCB boxes should be very easy for the newcomers to do.

DuWayne  KV4QB

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