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William R Maxwell

or look at in Melbourne for far cheaper10-turn pots, Dex. I picked up two last week at a good price, from previous week's specials, accessed via the website.

Bill, VK7MX, off there on the smaller but historically more significant island to your left, facing north.

On 31/08/2017 8:52 PM, Dexter N Muir wrote:
Looking for 10-turn pots, I discovered there were 3 1/2 turn pots. Anyone tried these? Should be able to spread the whole band over that comfortably.
Not trying myself - I'll be getting a 10-turn. I have one in another project - a 2m FM Rx kit. The L-C oscillator in that is not very stable, so I've considered scrapping it to recover the pot. It has a counting knob which is useless for the B40 with Raduino, and I've managed to calibrate knob count versus frequency (within cooee), so maybe it's better off as is. A new pot is not too expensive - unless buying from Element 14. $NZ300 for ONE! I think not! Ebay for that, methinks. I also see there's a 12-turn with shaft like the supplied Volume pot. The body of that looks less rotund but longer - might fit better for some? Not urgent anyway - need a new Raduino first.

Meanwhile, lurking ...
73 de ZL2DEX

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