Re: BITX QSO Night, Comments


I like Willy's suggestion of designating 7.277 Mhz the "somewhat-official" BITX40 calling frequency so we have a place to congregate when
it isn't BITX QSO night.

I was also thinking that it would be great if we had something like QRPSPOTS ( for 
people to announce when they are on the air as it would improve the chances of Bitx40 to Bitx40 QSOs outside of the Bitx40 QSO Nite. 
Since most people are QRP anyway and QRPSPOTS has pretty low traffic maybe we can just use QRPSPOTS?  I am sure that there are
other QRP SSB types that would love to worth Bitx40 operators on LSB and I don't think that the Four State QRP Club would mind. 

I am also wondering if there is any interest in trying some Bitx40 to Bitx40 CW QSOs on QSO Nite?  (Maybe on the half hour??) I am not sure how many Bitx40 owners have modified their rigs for CW? 


Michael VE3WMB 

P.S. This nice thing about QRPSPOTs is that you can bring up the webpage and it will auto-refresh every few minutes so you can see any new activity. 
If there are enough Twitter users out there then another option could be to create a BITX40SPOTS twitter account that could be used for self-spotting ...
just a thought. 

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