Re: New bitx40 build.


I do recommend adding a momentary switch for SPOT even if you only operate SSB, as holding it will put the rig
into Fine Tune mode on SSB using Allard’s sketch. You might also consider adding a third switch for TUNE (wired in
parallel with the CW key jack).

BTW I had a recent CW sked with a friend and I used my BITX40. He made a digital recording and emailed a clip to me.
I am pleasantly surprised at how good the BITX40 sounds on CW. The keying is a little bit hard but not
objectionable. The tone is very good with no clicks or chirps and I am not hearing any clipping of the first code element
in the audio recording. It really sounds quite nice.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I integrated a SOTABEams Laserbeam DSP audio filter module (~$US30) into
my rig which gives me a 2.4 kHz WIDE setting and a 300 hz NARROW setting and it drastically improves CW
reception on a busy band, while only adding 30ma to the current draw.


Michael VE3WMB

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