Re: OCTUS project : DSB on 80m

christian gondard <c.gondard@...>

PS : if needeed, I can try to give a fast english translation of this
page !!

--- In BITX20@..., "christian gondard" <c.gondard@...>

You can also have a look at :

This is the OCTUS project designed by F6BCU; I have built one 1
ago and it is working very well

The schematic (second picture from the top) is easy to read ; you
have also the parts implantation at the end, and also the PCB

This concept is easy to adapt on other bands (especially 40 m)

Onn the main site :, you will find all
the other projects from Luc, a very well known QRP designer here !!

72 de

Chris / F6FTB

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