Re: I7SWX PTT Pop Mute

Jerry Gaffke

You might try taking the "+12V" of Gian's diagram from pin 8 of the LM386, which is only at 12v when the LM386 is powered up for receive.
I don't really know what all "+12V" into pin 7 might do, it certainly is not something written up in the datasheet.
But not much point in doing that when the LM386 is not otherwise powered up, which is the case during transmit.

On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 12:29 pm, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
I assume this is the circuit you are referring to:

Dumping 12v into the bypass pin of the LM386 to quiet it down is a bit unorthodox, but apparently works.
The LM386 does not have much of anything to do with transmit, hard to imagine why you are getting this result.
I suspect something else is going on.


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