balanced modulator, D20 & schematic in general

Keith VE7GDH

While I'm waiting for the replacement IRF510, I was
looking around at the circuit board on the BITX40. It
was purchased June 2. The schematic at
shows a pot R106 between D15, D16 and the (pad/load?)
of R37, R38, R39. On the actual circuit board, I
don't see the pot at all. D15 and D16 are missing,
but I see a 3-pin device labeled D20, obviously in
place of D15 & D16. The circuit obviously works with
no adjustment, but I was just wondering if there
was a schematic available that reflected the
actual shipped boards?

Before hitting "send" I did a search and see that
David NA1MH asked about D20 back on May 31, and
got a reply from Mvs Sarma that it was a BAT54S,
so my question is really if there are updated
drawings available.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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