Re: On the subject of fake IRF510

Keith VE7GDH

Jerry KE7ER wrote...

But otherwise, Allison reports that the IRF510's
behavior is similar to the 10x more expensive RF
devices such as the RD16HHF1. She continues to
use the IRF510.
I was about to order a handful of IRF510s as it
appears that I am in need of a replacement. Whether
I end up with fakes or real ones, they don't look
too expensive to replace. However, if it became
a habit, it could start to add up. I know there
has been talk of replacements, but are just a
few people losing the finals, or is it becoming
common? I'll definitely be ordering IRF510s to
see how they fare, but if they start to go on
a regular basis, is the RD16HHF1 the logical
replacement? I might experiment with higher voltages
on an IRF510 at some point in time, but my plan
is to operate on 12 to 13.8V most of the time.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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