Re: Wonder Pole...

Keith VE7GDH

I said...

I'm planning to use it with an end-fed wire antenna
and a 9:1 Un-Un with the BITX40 when portable.
I took the BITX40 outside along with a small SLA
(yeah, lithium would be a lot lighter for hiking!)
along with an Elecraft T1 tuner, the newly completed
9:1 un-un and a length of wire and the 20 ft Wonder
Pole. I know the wire wasn't an ideal length, but
the T1 was able to make it "look good" to the BITX.
I'll cut it to a better length today.

I tried a few calls and eventually a station
acknowledged my call sign, but he was actually
very weak for me! He turned it over to a station
in San Diego and the operator gave me a good signal
report. That's my first "out of shack" experience
with the BITX40. I think I'll stay inside and use
my 204 ft G5RV on 2777 KHz tonight. I'm still
looking forward to my first BITX-to-BITX contact.
Perhaps tonight!

Today I'll get my $10 MPPT charge controller along
with ammeter/voltmeter x2 in an enclosure. It will be
a nice addition for running under a solar panel
instead of using an inefficient PWM charge controller.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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