Re: On the subject of fake IRF510



The RD16HHF1 is designed for 12.5V, so running at higher voltage is guarantee magic smoke with projectiles!

They have 70 and 100W versions for HF @ 12.5 volts. Maybe worth experimenting!


At 16-07-2017, you wrote:
I considered moving from the IRF510 to the RD16HHF1.
In a TO-220, better heat dissipation, tab is tied to source pin.
Designed specifically for RF service at Bitx40 power levels.
Only 10x the price of an IRF510.

Pins are swapped around a bit from the IRF510, though that's easy enough to accommodate.
Vds max of 50v, vs 100v for the IRF510.
Threshold voltage might be higher than the IRF510, though probably within range for the Bitx40's RV1.

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