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Mvs Sarma <mvs_sarma@...>

Even if some one (other than some of your own city or nation) has it.
 the inter trans shipment would cost a moon. Instead you may seek for higher size smd cap at 2KV ready on ebay or aliexpress.

 though costly , please see this link item No: 332144913078

On Saturday, 15 July 2017 7:52 AM, "aa9gg@..." <aa9gg@...> wrote:

Hi guys....
Still putting together my Bitx40v3.  Does anyone have a spare 100pF/200v cap for the 2nd harmonic mod?  I have a TON of 100pf/50v and for some reason cant find a cheap supplier for the 200v ones ($7 on ebay!?!?).  I could trade you a small hand full of some nice SUPER BRIGHT white SMT LEDS for one.  These are perfect for any QRP lighting needs or QRO for that matter.  Let me know...I'm good on QRZ

thx es 73 de Paul, AA9GG

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