Re: Still Not Working


Ok .. one other thing worth checking is that you are actually getting at least 12V to the PA circuit. I discovered quite by accident that the rig will
run on < 10v but the PA will put out nothing at that voltage, so it is worth double checking whatever you are using as a power supply to make sure
it is providing sufficient voltage. 

Stick with it,  I am sure that with the help of the group you can figure this out.


Michael VE3WMB 

P.S. I found that reducing the VFO output for LSB from the default 4mA down to 2mA pretty much got rid of the birdie at 7.199 Mhz on my
rig, with no ill side-effects. You can do this in the settings menu, but you need a function button wired up to access it. See Allard's excellent documentation on how to do that.

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